Digital marketing for your business

​I offer a range of skills that can help you in many different online business projects. Whether the job is content writing, editing, video editing/production or consulting, I’m excited for the chance to help you grow your business.

Read below for a brief on each of the solutions I provide, or click the buttons below to learn more about how each one can benefit you and your business.

​Content Writing

I provide versatile, high-quality content writing for your online business.

My professional writing experience includes fields such as e-commerce, consumer reviews & buying guides, digital marketing, software, and health & fitness.

The content can be optimized just how you need it – for search, conversions, sales, or anything else.

​Copy Editing

​Does your content need a little extra push? Have stale, old content needing a refresh? Or do you just need another pair of eyes on your all-important content before it goes live?

Whatever it is, I’m here to help. I’ll help you get more out of your website content & copy.

​Video Editing

Video is one of the best ​ways ​to engage with your audience online. Either in ​lieu of or alongside your regular content strategy, video content has the potential to really grow your business.

As well as having previously studied video production, I have experience with video editing projects for online businesses, and can help you turn raw footage into something professional.


​Another pair of eyes with another perspective will often help you pinpoint unseen weaknesses or potential for growth within your business.

This is perfect for new online businesses & e-commerce stores, or anyone new to remote work who wants to start making a living online.

Contact me, and I can help you avoid missteps that cost time and money.