LandingCube Academy

Digital marketing for your business

​LandingCube Academy

​Need help utilizing LandingCube’s suite of tools to grow your Amazon business? No worries!

This is your hub for all the educational content you need to start building campaigns, driving traffic, and cultivating a more powerful online business.

​Getting Started

Learn why we built LandingCube, and the broad strokes you need to know to get started.

​LandingCube Platform Walkthrough

Sit back and let us take you on a virtual tour through our platform, and learn all LandingCube can do for you.

​Facebook Ads Quick Start Guide

First time running Facebook Ads for your Amazon Products? This quick start guide is designed to get you up to speed on your first FB Ads campaign in minutes.

​The Ultimate Guide to External Traffic

This guide will take you through everything you need to know to start driving traffic – Facebook, Google, and more – to your product pages from outside Amazon.

​Free Video Courses

​These free, powerful video courses are designed to help you go from zero to hero in Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads for Beginners

Start on this course if you’re completely new to Facebook Ads. This course takes you from setting up your business manager and ad accounts, to setting up the Facebook Pixel, to creating your first ad campaign.

[img link to video course]

​Effective Facebook Ads for Amazon

​Start here if you have some familiarity with Facebook Ads already. We’ll walk you through the mentality you should take when approaching FB ads for Amazon, as well as the finer points of structuring your campaigns, and setting up ​your ads’ creative, copy and targeting.

[img link to video course]

​Knowledge Base & Support

​If you have any questions regarding the LandingCube platform and setting up campaigns, check out our extensive knowledge base, or contact support for more assistance.

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