Content Services

Digital marketing for your business

Content is the heart of any website. From my experience, creating quality content at scale is a pain point for many online businesses.

I’m available to help with just about any type of content your site needs.

  • SEO-optimized content
  • Sales copy
  • Educational content
  • Walkthroughs & “how-tos”
  • E-commerce content (product pages, Amazon product listing copy)
  • Affiliate posts & buying guides

You need someone who understands how to optimize for search visibility while remaining engaging and easy to read.

That’s me.


I’m currently the primary content creator and manager for two online businesses; LandingCube and Fatcat Apps. I’ve also built and operated my own websites, and have provided freelance content writing for several years now.

A few of the topics I’ve covered include:

  • Amazon & e-commerce
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Health & fitness
  • Jewelry & gemstones

Here are a few examples of content I’ve produced:


Basic web content (blog posts, SEO content) is charged at $0.10 per word ($10 per 100 words).

Other projects, such as sales copy or e-commerce write-ups will be assessed and charged on a case-to-case basis. Get in touch with details on what you need and how soon you need it.

All content orders are charged in USD.

In order to serve you the best I can, please provide a little info on your business and the style of content you need.

Additional Content Services

I also provide services other than plain content creation.

My experience covers all areas of the spectrum of content marketing and SEO. Thus, you can bring me on board to help with:

  • Content management (keyword research, creating a content calendar, managing and publishing content)
  • SEO strategy
  • Copy editing

Whatever the job, whatever your problem, I have the experience and expertise to help.

Contact me now to discuss your project and how we can move forward.