Digital marketing for your business

Let’s work together to make sure your online business is performing to its potential.

I offer consulting services in several areas:

  • Amazon growth & marketing
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Running and managing online/remote teams

I have significant experience in all these areas, and I want to put my experience and knowledge to use and help you grow.

Where I differ from your average consultant is, I really want to see you grow and have success long-term.

When we work together, I don’t care only during billable hours. I genuinely want to help you reach your business goals.

In doing that, we can create a long-term partnership that is fruitful for the both of us.

I’ve consulted for Amazon businesses, Shopify stores, affiliate sites and software companies. Let’s add your business to the list.

Contact me now to talk about how I can help. For the best results, give me some details on what problems you’re having in your business, so I can do some research and offer solutions/guidance when we talk.